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mow more gadhafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air attack that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato, an obama diplomatic win. but many in congress warn president obama not to send u.s. ground troops to depose gadhafi, who is said to be in this car today. >> yes, we want him out. no, we don't want to do it at the enormous cost of military invasion. >> reporter: the president has to justify taking sides in what some see as a civil war. >> will america's commitment & end in days, not weeks, as the president promised? >> reporter: defense secretary gates admitted on "meet the press," libya is not vital. >> no, i don't think it's vital interests for the united states, but we clearly have interests there, and it's a part of the recently, which is a vital interest for the united states. >> reporter: a region in chaos, uprisings in egypt, syria, bahrain, jordan, might the president commit the u.s.
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military elsewhere. libya's already cost about $1 billion. with no clear end in sight. tonight, some u.s. naviville vessels are reported to be pulling out of the mediterranean. tomorrow, u.s. allies meet about libya. the plan is to put pressure on gadhafi to call it quits and leave. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, at the white house. stay with news4 for continuing coverage of the crisis in libya. "nbc nightly news" will have team coverage after this broadcast, and then the president's speech will follow at 7:30. a father shot and killed over an order of pizza and chicken wings. his name was paul bennett. he was shot and killed last night, trying to deliver food in seat pleasant, maryland. pot collins is at the scene now with more on what turned out to be a set-up. pat? >> reporter: jim, a domino's delivery man lured to seat pleasant drive, robbed and murdered over a pizza and 13
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bucks. to the victim, the father of a young boy. this is tre monte wright bennett. on april 1st, he'll be 1-year-old. his father, paul bennett, has been working two jobs, saving for the big birthday party. last night, 38-year-old paul bennett, shot and killed during a robbery on seat pleasant drive. >> it's very terrible, and tragic. and my son does not have a father. he didn't get to see his son turn 1 on friday, and he was looking forward to it. it was his first child. >> reporter: sources tell news4, investigators believed this was a set-up. you see, paul bennett worked as a delivery man for domino's pizza. and last night, he came here to drop off a large pizza, an order of chicken wings. as he got out of his car, he was
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jumped and robbed, shot in the chest. he fell dead to the ground. paul bennett, dead in a robbery. a robbery of a large pizza. an order of chicken wings. and about $13 in cash. paul bennett's mother. she said she saw the report about the shooting on tv. she said she knew it was her son before police got to her door. >> i see the news flash came over the news, and said somebody got killed delivering pizza. as a mother instinct, i just feared, i didn't have no doubt in my mind. i felt it, i felt it. >> reporter: what paul bennett was a teenager, he got into a terrible accident. he was in a coma for weeks, and ended up with some cognitive difficulties. but he still managed to hold down two jobs, and support his
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young son. >> he was a very dedicated person to me. he was very dedicated and excited about his son. he really wanted to have a son, and he was there every step of the way. >> reporter: so far, no suspects, no arrest in this case. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. plans to prevent the looming government shutdown are locked in another bipartisan battle on capitol hill tonight. congress returned from a break today with house republicans accusing democrats of being too slow to offer deep spending cuts. democrats reportedly have a plan to cut an additional $20 billion from the budget, but it's not clear if gop members will be on board. if lawmakers don't act, government funding runs out on april 8th. with an ethics cloud hanging over his administration, d.c. mayor vincent gray tonight is giving his first state of the district speech. it's unclear whether gray will use the speech to address
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allegations that one former candidate for mayor got a high-paying city i don't knjob political payoff. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: as mayor vincent gray prepares to give the state of the district address tonight, the d.c. council is investigating the ethics issue hanging over the administration. sulaimon brown watched as a committee heard testimony that gray's campaign and office staff from unusually interested in getting brown a job. independent inspector general charles willoughby said the mayor's chief of staff asked him in january to meet with brown. willoughby did. but he said no mayor's office has ever made such a request before. >> you are talking about from people within the d.c. government? no. yeah, i have not been asked. >> reporter: reuben charles, a leader of both gray's campaign and transition, confirmed he was asked by gray officials to interview brown. the high-level attention to brown, a minor candidate for mayor last year, fuels brown's allegations that he was given the city job and paid cash last year for attacking mayor adrian
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fenty. mayor gray has denied brown's allegations, but not explained all of the attention to brown. >> the impressions and perceptions are clear that there is a political cast system in the city, and that in an effort to get a job in this administration, you need to know someone. >> reporter: brown was abruptly fired from the city job, officials say, because of misconduct involving female staff members. no details were provided. brown contends gray's team is trying to discredit him. >> there seems to be some kind of charade just to help gray get this under the rug. gray says he wants to move on with the city's business. this is city business. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. in his state of the district speech tonight, mayor gray is expected to focus on education and economic development, twin themes of his campaign for mayor last year. the whitehouse has revealed a few new details about next month's easter egg roll on the south lawn. today we got a look at the official souvenir eggs. we're told they're made of sustainable wood, and they come
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in four colors, purple, yellow, green and pink. they also include the stamped signatures of the president and first lady. those eggs will be given to all of the kids who attend the easer roll on monday, april 25th. the theme of this year's event is get up and go. coming up on news4, the frightening moments after a plane dropped from the sky during an air show. the arrest that revealed a virtual vampire romance involving an underage girl. we'll tell you why there's rising concern about radiation detected in our rain water. some relief from those worried about the health risks of body scans. >> how tomorrow is going to be the best day out of the workweek, dorene, but probably our coldest start in weeks. dan? >> hey, vj, mcgee scoring for charity. vcu coach shaka smart explains his affinity for the movie.
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and why bill mcgreggor is and why bill mcgreggor is s[ dog barking, sirens wailing ]
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no! [ male announcer ] these days, it's hard to find good customer service. thankfully, there's still one place that gets it right. a fiery crash. it happened on saturday at a small airport about 25 miles north of daytona beach.
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authorities say the pilot was in a russian military plane doing loops when he suddenly broke from the formation and fell to the ground. the cause of this crash is under investigation. the pentagon is reacting after the publication of dozens of gory and disturbing photos allegedly taken by a group of american soldiers in afghanistan. the photos were published in "rolling stone" magazine as part of an expose' on a so-called army kill team that murdered afghan civilians at random, and then kept trophies. another batch of similar pictures were published in a german news magazine last week. jim miklashevski from nbc news joins us now with more. the photos that i understand are awful and we are not showing them, can you tell us what the -- what these photos show, and what the pentagon has to say about them? >> well, dorene, this all began about a year ago when soldiers in afghanistan informed military investigators that a number of rogue elements within their own
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company had gone out and allegedly targeted and killed innocent civilians, and as a result of that, the u.s. military launched a huge investigation, gathered up 4,000 photos, and in one of those photos, it shows one of those accused of killing afghan civilians alongside one of their dead victims holding up his head by his hair. now, according to military officials, this, of urse, is in violation -- these kind of photos are in violation of all army regulations. but the more important part is that in the course of the investigation, they accused several u.s. military, u.s. army soldiers of killing three afghan civilians. quite frankly, dorene, in cold blood. >> and what is the pentagon saying about all this? >> the u.s. army launched this investigation. they have already prosecuted a number of people. just one, a corporal, jeremy
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morlock, just a week ago, was sentenced to 24 years in prison, and he's agreed to testify against other soldiers. now, the army has publicly apologized for this, and say the investigation continues to see if anybody up the chain of command should have known any better, and if they did know, why, and what did they do or didn't do to stop it? >> and what's new about this is the publication of these photos? >> that's right. the army has been sitting on these, because they have been part of the investigation. so they have just now been released by "rolling stone" who somehow obtained them. but what u.s. military officials say is that for the time being, there appears to be no public backlash from afghan citizens, and even afghan officials tell us, because the army was so aggressive in its investigation, in pursuing those responsible and prosecuting those charged with killing these afghan civilians -- in fact, one
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pentagon official told us today that one afghan official told him, look, the soviets did a lot worse. >> all right. jim miklashevski from the pentagon tonight. thanks. >> thank you, dorene. to the disaster in japan now. the contamination both in and around the that damaged nuclear plant is growing. today the amount of radiation in the water that's been flooding the plant reached a level 100,000 times higher than normal. and today, plutonium, another radioactive substance, was detected in the soil around the complex. the contamination is believed to be the result of a partial meltdown in the core of that complex. all of this, of course, follows that march 11th earthquake and tsunami in japan. because of that disaster, health authorities all over the country and in our area are monitoring air and water quality. this afternoon, maryland officials announced a very small amount of radioactive iodine was
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detected in a rain water sample taken in baltimore. but as chris gordon reports now, authorities say it does not pose a health risk. >> reporter: our tap water is being tested to make sure it is safe, and officials say it is. the maryland and virginia health departments are monitoring samples that have been taken from reservoirs, rivers and rain water to check whether radiation from japan's nuclear accident could be spreading globally. maryland officials announced this afternoon that a very small amount of radioactive material was found in a sample taken in baltimore. but it does not pose a health risk. the washington suburban sanitary commission, which supplies most of the drinking water to maryland customers in our area says the state department of environment has taken water samples from the potomac river for testing. >> at this point, you know, we don't have any radioactive detection in the water. the levels that are being reported elsewhere in the
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country, i am told are very minor levels, and nobody should be concerned about that. >> reporter: initial tests at reservoirs used for public drinking water shows no detectible radioactive iodine. and there is no public health concern about ground water. for people who use properly constructed private wells. air quality is also being monitored for radiation with test samples coming from the calvert cliffs nuclear fast it and reactor in pennsylvania and they have detected small amounts of i-131, but below a level that would pose a health risk. the virginia department of health and monitoring air quality, working with local authorities. >> everybody is on heightened alert in terms of what to be looking for and how to look for it, and virginia department of health is really taking a lead on that. >> reporter: virginia residents feel that health authorities are taking the proper precautions. >> japan is a little ways away, you know, for -- for the contamination to reach up here. yeah.
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so i'm not really concerned. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, chris gordon, news4. >> health officials in virginia say you should not use water from rain barrels to either drink or prepare food. local authorities also are testing milk and vegetation for radiation. a new study shows that going through those full-body airport scanners does not pose a significant radiation risk. researchers at the university of california san francisco studied the potential risks for frequent travelers. they found for 750 million flights taken by 100 million passengers, 6 cancers could be linked to airport scanners. according to the report, a passenger would have to go through the scanner 50 times to get the same radiation exposure of one dental x-ray. the tsa plans to roll out 1,000 more body scanners by the end of the year. a wake and funeral for geraldine ferraro will take place in manhattan this week.
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she was the first woman on the vice presidential ticket. walter mondale selected her for the 1984 race. they lost to ronald reagan and george herbert walker bush, but a major barrier to women had been reached. >> i thought she was the right choice for many, many reasons. i got a lot of support for her, including tip o 'neill from congress and people who worked with her. she was in a position of influence in the congress. people liked her. >> geraldine ferraro's wake will take place wednesday. the funeral is private and will be held on the upper east side. she died saturday after a ten-year battle with blood cancer. she was 75 years old. former white house prepress secretary robert gibbs may have a new job working for facebook. the "new york times" reports that the social networking site is in talks to hire gibbs. it's a job that could be worth
6:19 pm
millions of dollars for him. gibbs left the white house after two years on the job there. facebook is planning an initial public offering for early next year. the "times" reports says the company wants gibbs for a senior communications job. coming up, wild spring weather continues with violent storms. >> we're going to have some cold, wet weather headed our way, as well. veronica, with a look at our forecast. >> drink while you shop. a major
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some really nasty weather across southwest georgia over the weekend. video on saturday in randolph county, georgia. captured what appears to be a funnel cloud touching down. storms down there left behind several damaged buildings and homes, including one home that wrapped around a tree. >> whoa. >> it appears that despite all of the damage, nobody was seriously injured. >> that's good news. and around here, we have people in their hats and mittens and down jackets out looking at the cherry blossoms. what's wrong with this picture? >> when they're freezing. they're like, wait a minute, i can't take this photo. my fingers are frozen. yeah, a chilly one, indeed. but tomorrow will be a good day for getting out and getting those shots of the cherry blossoms, because it's going to
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be milder. in fact, i'm calling it the best day out of the workweek. sunshine, nice warmup for the area. all of that before some real sloppy weather is going to move in. today, it's not so bad today. you know, we had highs today close to 50 degrees. but when you get moving, taking a walk, whatever, walking the dog, doing some exercise, it's not so bad. we had a high today, 47 degrees. started out at 31. the last time we were 29 degrees or colder back on march 3rd when we dipped to 27 degrees. so the cold one tonight, the coldest in weeks, the last time we hit 53 or higher, about a week ago when we got up to 62 degrees. so we're going to see our temperatures rebound nicely tomorrow. we're right now at 47 degrees. the wind out of the north at 13 miles per hour. throughout the area, still mid to upper 40s. holding on to 50 degrees, though, around rappahannock and culpepper. close to 50, fredricksburg. 47 la plata, and waldorf now. back to this morning, clouds across the area, and then we
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busted into the sunshine, and a clear sky for tonight and temperatures will be dropping in a hurry. as far as the drops go on radar, those are going to be dropping i think across the area until wednesday with the next weather system moving in. so we've got one weather system that's moving out. most of the precipitation, that was down south across southern virginia, and around north carolina. let me take you to north carolina here, folks. this is try add county around winst winston, salem, where this morning, yeah, they had snow there. in fact, as that snow came out of the mountains, triad and durham county, 2 inches of snow. and allegheny county, school was cancelled there, look at that. and not too far away from there, in counties south and west, they had a two-hour delay this morning. for the kids there, they were loving it. a lot of the teachers were probably saying, boy, this hasn't happened in a long, long type. the cold, it's up to the north.
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look at that, 31 degrees in buffalo, new york. 35 degrees currently in chicago, illinois. with high pressure to the north of us, that cold air will just continue funneling north. now, at least tomorrow we'll have a northwest wind, so with sunshine, that should help take us up into the low 50s. but the next 48 hours, storms continue moving off the coast. a clear sky tonight, and much of the day tomorrow. so mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. then that high pressure moves in, and we have more the north and easterly wind, some chilly air on us, cloud cover around, and for wednesday, the potential for some rain showers and maybe a few wet snowflakes even mixing in at times all the way through the day wednesday. and guess what? there's going to be a series of storms clipping that cold air to the north. there will be another one coming in for the end of the week. so we stay in this kind of unsettled pattern for the end of the workweek. let me show you this evening's forecast. we're cold, temperatures dropping from 43 to 37. and while this evening is going to be cold, tomorrow morning is
6:26 pm
going to be very cold. so zip it up to the top. here we go. 20 to 29 degrees. sun's up tomorrow at 6:59. a look at your high temperature for tomorrow, a tad warmer. and, again, the nicest day out of the workweek. we're at 49 to 53 degrees, but there will be no day this week that will be near average. average for us now is 60 degrees. so nasty weather for wednesday, even worse for thursday. because it's looking like maybe the chance for moderate rain by the late afternoon and evening. rain continues. our chance on friday, the high 47. but at least, at least when we get through all of that, right now the weekend is looking dry with a high around 55. >> no wonder you were talking up tuesday. let's see what wednesday, thursday and friday look like. thanks, veronica. coming up, new details about who may have hit the mega millions jackpot worth more than $300 million. we'll have the report about some young students caught up in the middle of a nuclear crisis.
6:27 pm
police are investigating the unusual way a university of virginia student died on campus. and three lives saved in three days. the one thing that made the difference in one town in virginia. coming up in sports, why head football coach mcgreggor is stepping down. and shaka smart quoting the movie "major league." also, why is alex ovechki
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president barack obama will address the nation tonight on the crisis in libya. he is expected to provide details on just how long u.s. military intervention might last there. we will, of course, carry the president live tonight beginning at 7:30. d.c. mayor vincent gray gives his first state of the district speech tonight. it's unclear whether the mayor will address ethics issues swirling around his administration over high-paying jobs and allegations of cronyism. two men shot and killed last night in prince george's unty. a pizza delivery driver was killed during an apparent robbery. another man was shot and killed. police do not believe they were connected. police say a man was assaulted during an attempted robbery right outside a
6:31 pm
smithsonian building. >> john schriffen is at the national mall with more on the story. john? >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. that's right. police say it happened around 5:30 this afternoon. i want you to take a look at the scene right now. u.s. park police say it happened here, in between the smithsonian castle and the hirschhorn museum. there is a walkway that goes between, and police say two men tried to rob an older gentleman believed to be in his 50s. police were on the scene quickly after the incident happened. now, a u.s. park police are not saying that a weapon was ever involved. they don't know if a weapon was ever involved at this point. but they do say two men assaulted another man who was walking through this walkway. the victim suffered minor injuries, nonlife threatening. he was taken to a hospital. police at this point are searching for the suspects, but they do not have a lookout. it is also an attempted robbery, because u.s. park police say that the two suspects did not
6:32 pm
make away anything from this victim. once again, the incident happened around 5:30 outside the smithsonian castel, not inside in the museum. john schriffen. back to you guys. >> thanks, john. a florida man is in custody, allegedly for allegedly trying to set deuce a teenage girl he met on a website. >> the guy was in court. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: christopher rodriguez thought he had found his match. they met on a website devoted to a shared passion for vampire culture. they lived it out in cyberspace. the thing they didn't have in common was their ages. he was 28, she was 14. but that didn't stop rodriguez until he was arrested. the case is now in the hands of stafford county authorities. >> it is an unusual case. >> reporter: it started on this website, blood. there's role playing, chats and all of the other things self-proclaimed vampires can do with and to each other in cyberspace. rodriguez, known as lord antihos
6:33 pm
and the 14-year-old had wed. >> apparently she sent nude photos of herself to him. and apparently he had a web cam that he was sending pictures as well. >> reporter: it's when florida resident rodriguez allegedly sought to consummate their cyber world in virginia that things unraveled. the two agreed to meet at a halloween party, and rodriguez brought something for the teen's family. it wasn't a getting to know you gift. . >> the plan was to administer those in the residence in the teen's house, to have them go to sleep so she could could escape. >> reporter: by then the teen was having second thoughts. she left the party, but rodriguez hadn't given up. >> apparently followed her to her residence, threw rocks at her window. >> reporter: he declared he would come back to her when she was of legal age, but now he's back, courtesy of investigators after being arrested and extradited from florida. today he pleaded not guilty to
6:34 pm
charges of giving a controlled substance to a minor and using the internet in the commission of a crime involving a minor. if convicted on both charges, rodriguez faces a maximum of 80 years in jail, and up to $100,000 in fines. in stafford county, derrick ward, news4. at the university of virginia in charlottesville, a student died after falling off the roof of one of the buildings on campus. the student's name is thomas gilliam iv, a first-year student in the college of arts and science. police say he fell three stories from the roof of the physics building last night. officials aren't saying how he got on to the roof or what may have led up to his fall. uva officials say they don't believe alcohol, suicide or foul play were involved. school children in montgomery county heard some first-hand stories of survival. they were visited by a family who survived the devastating japanese earthquake. jane watrel has more from sequoia aelementary school in
6:35 pm
derwood. >> i'm going to speak about my experience during the earthquake in northeastern japan. >> reporter: a lesson in the human spirit, taught by three young survivors of the japanese earthquake. >> i'm 12 years old. >> reporter: she and her two older brothers paid a visit to fourth and fifth graders to an elementary school, giving fir first-hand accounts of the quake. they were all there when the tremors began. >> in japanese schools, all of the textbooks are stored in the drawers of the desk, and all of the drawers came off to the floor. >> translator: that never happened before. >> reporter: the family lives in fukushima, a city 40 miles north and west of the infamous nuclear reactor. their home is intact, but there are short ans of water, food and electricity. today they showed video of the tsunami that hit their prefecture or state. despite the horrific images,
6:36 pm
they carried a message of hope. >> the greatest story of them all is the resilience of the japanese people that, you know, they're not throwing up their hands and saying help us, help us. they're like what can we do? let's take care of our stuff. and then we can help everybody else. >> reporter: the story captivated the students who kicked off a school wide humanitarian fund-raiser called the happy hearts. the youngsters will collect spare change for the next ten days, to send to japanese schools and students for earthquake relieve. >> but to see the children who have actually walked through this difficulty, walk through these hurts and the sadness, it makes it even that much more important for our students to participate in a way that makes a difference. >> reporter: in the past, students here at the elementary school have collected tens of thousands of dollars for victims of natural disasters. such as haiti and hurricane katrina. school kids helping school kids in their hour of need. in derwood, jane watrel, news4. coming up on news4, the bar
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is open at a popular grocery store chain. the supreme court is taking ♪
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wake up and smell the savings. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. 47 degrees today, 53
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tomorrow. talking about a warmup, but first a very cold night for us. in fact, the high temperature for today, we're holding there now at 47 degrees. humidity, just 22%. so cold air and dry air will be moving in for tonight. by 11:00 p.m., down to 36 and then under the freezing mark early tomorrow morning. in fact, there will be spots like frederick, mt. airy, leesburg starting at 23 to 24 degrees tomorrow morning. the high for your tuesday, 53. and that's with lots of sunshine. no problems at all through the area. wednesday, though, some problems with a little bit of rain and even some wet snowflakes that could start mixing in. i've got our high temperature for wednesday under 40 degrees. we're into the mid and upper 40s for thursday and friday but still wet around here. dry air, not until the upcoming weekend. guys, back to you. thanks, veronica. this week, the u.s. supreme court will take up the biggest discrimination case in u.s. history.
6:41 pm
more than 1 million women versus walmart. it's a class action suit that claims walmart discriminated against female employees. the suit claims they were not paid as much as their male co-workers and they were passed by for promotions. lawyers for walmart say the class action suit is too big to properly sort out which claims are legitimate. lawyers for the women who filed the suit say it would be too difficult for the women to file cases individually. the high court is expected to make a ruling sometime in june. would you be interested in a cocktail while you're at the grocery store? whole foods markets are opening bars that serve beer and local wine in more than a dozen stores nationwide. it's a test for a bigger rollout that could come later. bars have opened in five whole foods markets in california, illinois and texas. by 2012, the store plans to open at least seven more bars.
6:42 pm
there's no word yet if any of those are slated for stores in our region. >> some might hope they'll come and come soon, i would think. man. what a surprise. >> wasn't that awesome? >> just something. nobody had that bracket. nobody. >> no. and i'm going to give you the exactly how few people had that bracket, coming up in sports. it's really staggering. we, of course, are talking about vcu. we're also going to touch on alex ovechkin, back on the ice for the capitals. but he was out for a reason. we're going to talk about that. javale mcgee scores for a good cause. and you just can't talk about this enough. shaka smart and vcu heading to the final four. as news4
6:43 pm
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this guy, what a record. >> isn't it amazing? >> just amazing. >> yeah, it's a sad day, but i think it's a reason to celebrate how great this man's career has been. bill mcgreggor really is a rare breed. not just because he was and is a great coach, but because he was a great coach at one school for 39 years. the last 29 as the head coach of the today, made it official what we reported last week. 62-year-old mcgreggor has resigned. his record just remarkable. 280 and 39 and 3. that includes 18 league titles. there has been some speculation that all was not well after losing to good counsel in the last couple championship games, but mcgreggor said, you no he what, it was just time.
6:46 pm
outside spending his first semester out of college, ironically working at good council, mcgreggor spent all 39 years of his coaching career at de matha. >> i think i just came to a place in life where, you know, i just wanted to explore different opportunities, different things. you know, i've been the head football coach at de matha for 29 years. i've been at de matha for 39. i've coached football all 39 years. and i just thought it was a time to maybe walk away from it and maybe try to do something else with my life. >> you don't really replace the person. bill mcgreggor's impact on the school in terms of retreats and freshman orientation and all of the things he has done has been unbelievable. we'll have somebody do the job, but bill mcgreggor is one of a kind. >> all these boys he has coached and the difference he has made in their life teaching them life skills that they still have today. all the young men who came through his program, who went to
6:47 pm
college, and are so -- they have benefited so much from knowing him. and he's benefited from knowing them. >> 350 players, by the way, bill mcgreggor has sent to college. over 29 years as a head coach. that's ten guys, basically, every year who get sent to college, but college scholarships. >> that's right. that's not bad. it's remarkable, as a matter of fact. >> it is truly amazing. he has had an unbelievable career, and he told me he's not coaching anywhere next year, but he will be involved in other football-related ventures. de matha will form a search committee to look for a new coach, but the school likely to promote from within. talking basketball now. it's the wackiest final four of all-time. not a single number one seed or a number two seed for the first time since the ncaa started seeding teams in 1979. almost no one predicted this. says out of 5.9 million people who filled out their
6:48 pm
brackets, only two picked kentucky, u-conn, butler and vcu in the final four. and i want to share with you right now, those two people are right here. >> yeah, wherever they are, they're pretty unpleasant to be right around right now. unbearable. >> golly, can you imagine? i guarantee, they're both vcu alums or maybe went to put letter, too. but virginia commonwealth, heading to the final four for the first time in school history. as you can see, there weren't many people getting much sleep near the vcu campus last night. the team arrived at the arena for an impromptu pep rally, the third 11th seed to advance to the final four, and thousands of fans were on hand to celebrate with the players. >> today, we're punching our ticket to the final four. let's go! >> first half, vcu, already up by 11. bradford burgess drives, kicks it out to brandon razel,
6:49 pm
unconscious in the tournament. rams build a 17-point lead in the first. the rams were hanging tough. they get the steal here. darius theus, all the way in for the tough layup, and vcu was rolling. minutes later, bergess again, to skene, and drops it in. he led with 26. two minutes to go in the game now. rams up by six. joey rodriguez throws the lob to bradford ber dgess. vcu upsets kansas. the rams become the first 11th seed to get to the final four since george mason in 2006. >> this is obviously a whole different universe. and for us to win five games and make the final four again, i think it says everything about those three guys that were just
6:50 pm
up here, and their 11 teammates. >> we came together as a group, and, you know, when you have a belief in each other and a belief in your coaching staff, anything like this could happen. >> you ever seen the movie "major league?" i can't say exactly what the guy says, but they get in some situation and he says there's only one left left to do. win the whole blank thing. and that's all there is left to do. you get to the final four, it comes down to four teams, you and three other teams, you get two games, if you're fortunate to win the first one. you know, he's 33 years old, shaka smart, and that's pretty cool to have a coach that's quoting "major league." >> these players relate to that. >> he looks a lot different from all of the other coaches in there. >> and he's going to be making a lot of money in the very near future, because he is a hot commodity right now. >> and also the happiest man in the world, wouldn't you say? >> isn't that cool? vcu, by the way, going to play eighth-seeded butler, so two
6:51 pm
cinderellas, but then u-conn and butler, two powerhouses. and lost five players -- first round draft picks last year in the nba. now back in the final four. unbelievable. six regular season games left for the capitals and the main thing they need to do is actually get healthy. alex ovechkin, back on the ice, practicing this morning after more than a week of rest. now, the capitals don't confirm what the actual injuries are, but we have learned that ovechkin had a minor medical procedure on his lower body. that procedure likely for a nagging knee injury. ovi looked no worse for wear this morning where he skated with the team and proclaimed himself's healthy and ready to play. the caps host carolina tomorrow night, and ovechkin is a game-time decision, but my bet is bruce boudreau will be extra cautious. don't be surprised if he doesn't play until thursday or saturday. >> he's not taking a week off because he feels like taking a week off. his injuries needed necessitated that he takes time off.
6:52 pm
we just haven't disclosed what it was. so people are writing that he just needs time off. >> hmmm. i guess we all can guess. >> were these smart phones and stuff these guys were using to record? >> yeah. >> what a world. who would have thought? >> everybody recording everything we do all of the time. yeah. there's all kinds of recording devices these days. you know, it's not very obvious you hear a head coach say "we're not good enough." but that's what flip saunders said last night about his young wizards squad after they got thumped by golden state. the wizards now 1 and 35, five games away from being the worst in nba history. javale mcgee, though, feeling very charitable, donating $1,000 for every point he scored to the japanese relief efforts over the last two games. last night a career night for mcgee. man, that's a good follow-up there. how about mcgee, scoring 28 -- he also had 13 against denver
6:53 pm
friday. so that's $41,000 for the japan earthquake relief efforts from mcgee. but unfortunately for the wizards, didn't help them win. perhaps somebody could donate a road win to the wizards before it's too late. they're in utah tonight. so maybe they can break that streak tonight. >> let's hope so. thanks, dan. >> you're welcome. three people escape death thanks to rescuers who all did one thing to save one life after another. we'll tell you what it was. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams.
6:54 pm
[ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stability of the leading community bank in the nation and with 12,000 atms and thousands of branches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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description, but some firefighters in fredricksburg, virginia say they have never seen so many patients brought back from the brink in three days. julie carey has more on what these heroes did that saved lives. >> reporter: at this fire station, months can go by without an opportunity for what they call a save, reviving a patient on the edge of death. and that's what makes last week so unusual. when three patients were saved on three consecutive days. >> three in three days, i haven't seen that in 20 years. >> reporter: save number one, march 19th at the amtrak station, an elderly woman collapsed on the train. passengers started cpr. bystanders also had the aed, the automatic external defibrillator hooked up to the patient. but a shock wasn't needed. an i.v. and drugs produced a
6:57 pm
pulse. save number two, marv 20th, a woman in her 60s in respiratory distress. she wasn't breathing. dispatcher gives cpr instructions. >> no pulse. >> put the heel on your hand in the center of her chest, right between the nipples. >> okay. >> put your other hand on top of that hand. push down nifirmly. >> when the firefighter arrived, he took over. >> we attached our aed to the patient, the aed allowed us to shock the victim. one shock was delivered, we started cpr again. the aed told us to -- no shock was needed. we checked for a pulse, we had one. >> reporter: save number three, march 21st, a patient a dentist's office went into cardiac our arrest and stopped breathing. rescue crews found the doctor and staff already started cpr and attached the aed. the second revised the woman. >> the community definitely played a part.
6:58 pm
cpr is very important. the quicker they start, the better their chances are of survival. >> reporter: and this fire department says now saves are happening more often because cpr guidelines have changed for civilians, with rapid chest compressions, the simpler standard now, more are willing to try cpr. >> it's amazing, it really is, to save them from the brink of death to actually having a pulse and breathing again. that's what makes this job worth having. >> reporter: in fredricksburg, julie carey, news4. >> three success stories in three days. very good news. update on our weather? >> update on the weather. cold tonight, and it's a good thing that a lot of folks have waited to put the plants in the ground. that typically our average last freeze is around the second or third week of april. but we're below freezing by tomorrow morning. 29 to 30. some areas north and west about 22 to 24 degrees. the high tomorrow, though, 53. so great weather tomorrow. lousy weather, though, the rest of the week. wednesday is wet and pretty cold, too, if not chilly. the high, 39.
6:59 pm
and the mid 40s for thursday and friday. sun comes back, a good thing. it comes back this weekend with a high of 55 degrees on saturday and sunday. >> we'll be glad to see it, it sounds like of the thanks, veronica. there is word tonight that seven technology specialist who work for the state of new york hit the mega millions jackpot, but they have not come forward yet to claim their prize. there are reports out of new york that the group bought the one winning ticket sold for friday's $319 million mega millions drawing. that ticket was sold at a small family-run convenience store up in albany, new york. once they finally come forward, if they take the lump sum, they will split nearly $203 million. which comes to about $29 million apiece. >> wow. >> no word on whether they will show up on their job the next da

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